Q&A with Virginia Songstress Damikia Jackson

By Mikala ‘Vibe’ Zelalem

A woman inspired by greats and on the path to become great herself, Damikia Jackson is here with the upcoming release of her debut ep  “Promise in the Rainbows”

From 8 years old to a mother of 3, the one constant for Damikia has always been her love for music. Through so many trials and tribulations, music got her through it all. She understands the depth and comfort that music can provide to its listeners, and that is something you can feel all throughout her music. In this interview, we get deep with Damikia Jackson about where her journey began and where she plans to go.

In one sentence, who is Damikia Jackson.

A pure reflection of Divine Majesty.

When did your love of music begin?

It hit me one day when I was jumping on my momma’s couch. There was Prince – Diamonds and Pearls,  when I heard the song I sat down. My momma came around the corner right afterwards, so it’s safe to say music saved my natural born life.

Who would you say your biggest inspiration is?

It’s not true if I say just one person or thing is my inspiration, unless I first give honor and credit to The Grand Creator of it all, who we’ve all mirrored our special talents after. I’ve found his reflection in art, fashion, literature, but mostly music. Artists such as, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Jill Scott, Aaliyah, 2pac, Bone Thugs in Harmony, Outkast, Brandy, Monica, Andre3000, Sade, Amil Larrieux, Diana King, Zhane’, Maxipriest, Arrested Development, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, and so many more. I really couldn’t get enough of music once I started to experience life.

How long have you been on this journey and what keeps you going?

I started singing in front of people at 8yrs old. That was a long time agos days, but I remember it because I hadn’t originally planed to do so. It’s my fathers doing. See, that Monday at school we had Show and Tell. I had this Barbie Horse and Buggy that I wanted to show. Well as kids were often scolded to put our toys away and were under the constant threat of them being thrown away. So we were outside playing and saw flakes falling. We were so excited to see snow but as it fell we quickly realized this wasn’t snow. My dad had our toys in a barrel burning lol. So for Show and Tell I got the courage to sing in front of my class. I kept at it from there. Life has given me so many reasons to stay true to this. While I don’t let it take over my life, it’s a huge and unapologetic part of who I am and I absolutely love it.

Why should people listen to your music?

Maybe there’s some kid out there jumping up and down on their mommas couch. Bob Marley said, “one thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” It certainly would feel better than a fresh pair of house slippers across these hind parts. My music will sit you down. It’s filtered so that you and anybody you’re in company with, can listen with all ears.

What is the theme of your EP?

Back in The Day Vibes, a reminiscent vibe

Which song is most special to you and why?


It’s dedicated to my 3 children. Each verse is written with a different version of my personality that each child reflects. I’ve gone through so much in this life, some trauma, some things due to not knowing how to truly love myself. But despite all that I endure and overcome, I’ll carry the weight of the world on my shoulders just to see them smile. Any parent that has natural affection for their children would do the same.

What is one thing you want your audience to take away from listening to this body of work?

It’s ok to be ahead of your time. It’s ok to go against the current flow of the way the world around you thinks. Stay Bubbly with positivity in hard times. Blaze them with truth always. Face yourself and continue to grow. And spread that feeling of Sunshine to those you love and who love you

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Stream “Promise In The Rainbows”: https://open.spotify.com/album/17xgP1Ruh94vJIKVv8W2fd?si=fJFHVvU0QWil55QHF2Pbgg&utm_source=copy-link