Now Available- Goblins the 6 Track EP from Shah Cypha & Flatline

When the streets get hungry, the natural instinct is to go feed. It doesn’t matter how you eat, what you eat and who you have to go through in order to eat it. All you know is hunger must be tamed. When that hunger is music related your goal is to find the right artists to give you the food to calm down the beast.

Shah Cypha & Flatline know this hunger all to well, and the only way they could feed the masses was to serve their latest EP Goblin’s. Goblin’s is a raw 6 track EP that hits from start to finish. Its aim is to take you through the trial of the streets. Navigate through the concrete and come out on top and untamable.

Goblin’s lands production from DJ Pain 1, NY Bangaz, and more. Stream now on all Digital platforms