Nikki Da God Brings The Summer Heat With New Singles “No Tell Lie” and “D1”

They say imitation is the fondest form of flattery, and our multicultural bombshell, Nikki Da God, is putting an emphasis on that statement. The world renowned raptress is back with not one, but two new tracks, and she’s setting the record straight once and for all when it comes to her imitators.

With over 24 releases in the last two years, the original NEFFERNIKKI is putting her stamp on the Summer and doubling up with singles “D1” and “No Tell Lie”. On each track, Nikki gives us a taste of her versatility while still providing us with the signature flow we all know and love.

Fifteen years in and an undeniable industry trendsetter, Nikki Da God has noticed her infectious style serving as an influence on some of the industry’s finest. Alleged social media talk of Nicki Minaj adopting the name NEFFERNIKKI left fans in a frenzy, some accusing one or the other of stealing the name. When Nikki Da God caught wind of the allegations, she left us with this:

“I feel insulted … I’ve been in this business for over 15 years!!! I started out as a celebrity makeup artist… then modeling, then acting, then singing and rapping… I built myself up from the bottom up!!! Ain’t no way I’m going to let these other well knowns come and steal EVERYTHING I’ve worked so hard for!!!”

If you aren’t familiar with NEFFERNIKKI, now may be the time to get well acquainted. Stream “D1” and “No Tell Lie” below.